The Doll Troll
Why hello Yhere. It's a pleasure yo meey you. say hi someyime, buy only if you wany yo.


“Yhank you for dancing wiyh me”

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Let’s dance.


God do you have some kinda of short attention span?! There is a young lady here and all you can do is stare off into space thinking deeply about god knows what! The least you can do is pretend that you’re paying attention. Though it’s not like you aren’t it’s just that you can wonder off in the conversation quickly without even realizing it. You mean no harm it’s just one of your many bad habits that have to be broken one of these days. 

Your eyes shift back as you slowly shake your head. There was no harm done from her question, if anything you enjoyed answering it. Like you said before you are pretty much an open book on anything a troll is curious about on you. You feel like honesty is one of the most important policies. 

”  Naw, Naw. It’s Fin=. NO N==d Ta B= SO WOrri=d Miss. ThOugh I WOuld Lik= Ta KnOw A Bit AbOut Y=r S=lf Lik= Ya Said.” 

You sit up and fold your hands on top of each other to make a rest for your head. You seem like you’re really interested in what she will say, and you really are. The only problem would have to be asking a question. You aren’t too sure what you should and shouldn’t ask, after all you are dealing with a young lady.

” W=ll, I’d Lik= Ta KnOw That Why A Young Lil Missy Lik= Y=r S=lf Is In This Hiv= An NOt Out Hav=n A GOOd Tim=? DOn’t cha GOt SOm= Fri=nds? I DOn’t S== Why Y=r NOt Out =v=ry Day Y=r A Pr=tty Nic= Gal.” 

When you think about what he’s saying, it sort of hurts you a bit. He’s the second person to come to your hive..ever. You don’t have friends, because others, don’t really enjoy your company. Plus you never leave your hive, only when it get’s cold do you ever leave. To gather food for your Lusus. But other than that..You’re pretty much a loner. Your face starts to show your distress, as your eyes start to water a bit the more you think about it. You bite your lips slightly, and laugh it off. Giggleing slightly, as you smile at him gingerly.

Maybe you can change the topic? You could try, but what could get his mind off of the current conversation. He looks so interested..You feel you face heat up as you look to the side. Feeling oddly nervous, and rude for wanting to change topics. What on Alternia can you do? Fiddling with your dress, you sit in silence for a minute, fumbling on your own words. Before something pops in your head.

U-Uh..W-Would you care for a dance? I-I Don’y know why buy I yhink iy would be fun! hehe

You quickly get on your feet, fixing your dress as you carefully walk over to him. Offering your hand.

P-Please..I mean I don’y wany yo force you or anyyhing like yhay..Because if you don’y wany yo dance yhay’s fine buy..I-I..Oh i’m sorry i’m rambling again..

Your eyes dart to the floor as you can feel how hot your face is getting, why did you choose dancing? what if he can’t dance..or what if he does’t want to. He might leave, you could have offended him. All these thoughts racing through your head only makes you feel more and more embarrassed. You’re making a fool out of yourself.

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Take a ride to a tea party.


” Huh? Oh YOu Ain’t DO Nothin WrOng.” 

You just snapped out of some thoughts yourself and it only took her words to “wake”  you up. Sometimes you just like to review all of the good you have tried to do to make up for the bad and hope that one day it will even out. Till then you’ll just keep giving kindness to everyone. Now that you think about it you wonder if you just so happen to be staring too. Normally you go off into that 100 mile stare when you’re in thought but where you look is what makes things normal or just plain awkward. Now you’re going to have a deep thought about your deep thoughts. Honestly when are you ever going to just leave things be and not have a moment with them? Now that you’re wrapped up in this again it once again take a voice to bring you back to the conversation. You are so rude, so very,very rude. 

” Ah W=ll Thank YOu, I’ll B= Sur= Ta Say SOm=thin N=xt Tim=” 

You eagerly pick up the cup and take a nice long sip and exhale lightly. You’re never going to get tired of this stuff anytime soon. You look up to her and your face flushes a bit at the question. You don’t have any problem with answering it but it does get you a little flustered. You run your fingers back into your hand and start laughing. It’s all you can do to hide the embarrassment.  

” Aha, NO NO It’s Fin=. I TOld Ya I’m An Op=n BOOk SO I DOn’t Mind Answ=rin At All.” 

But just how do you answer that.

” Um.”

You don’t know what to say as you put your hand down and try to avoid eye contact. 

” Gu=ss SOm= TrOlls DOn’t S== M= In A R=d Way. I Ain’t TOO Out GOin TO Kinda Say ” H=y We ShOuld B= TOg=th=r”. I Just Want TO Wait F=r Th=m Ta B= On Th= Sam= Pag=. H=h….Mayb= That’s Why I Hav= Such Bad Br=ak Ups, I’m NOt Blunt =nOugh.”

You feel a bit better knowing what you’re going to say and try to come back to looking at her. 

” But I Just Want Ta M==t A Nic= Gal That Can F==l Th= Sam= Way I F==l BOut Th=m With Out M= B=in TOO….I UnnO…Blunt? SOrry I Ain’t Givin Ya Much Of An Answ=r Am I?” 

You slowly lower your hands once you hear him actually answer the question you asked.  You never really meant to ask such a question in the first place but, you blurted it out instead of thinking before you speak.  Though as he talks, you slowly start to turn to look back at him.  You end up staring at him again, in like a dead gaze.  As you listen to him speak for a bit, you feel your throat go dry as your try to force yourself to say something. But you stop yourself, he’s not done talking yet.

With your hands on your lap, you begin fumbling with your dress.  Scrunching it up slightly, in order to relive what tension you’ve built up. When he stops talking you smile softly.

No, yhay’s a fine answer for a queysion yhay should have never been asked.

Why did you say that? Oh great now you’re sound rude, so terribly rude. Gosh you’re just horrible today. You meant that in the nicest way possible, but you can’t seem to find words to explain yourself. So you just cover your mouth, and look back down into your cup of tea. 

Ori, is yhere anyyhing you’d like yo ask me? because I feel jusy awful making you do all yhe yalking so far..

You break your stare from your cup, and guide your eyes back up to the other. Trying your best to meet his eyes, but it seems at the moment he doesn’t want to really make eye contact. You let out a small giggle, smiling sweetly at the other.  Honestly you don’t mind if he talks about his life. You enjoy him talking, and speaking to you..He has a nice sort of tone in the way he talks, and just seems so,  odd. No odd isn’t the word for this, something else would fit it much better.  But you just can’t find the word right now. Though when he talks you like to just listen, but being who you are. You feel rude if your guest just talks and you share nothing. 

Take a ride to a tea party.


” Aha Y=ah” 

You say with a small chuckle taking another sip of the tea

” Ya DOn’t Hav= Ta If YOu DOn’t Want TO ThOugh. I Actually Ain’t That Scary At First But I WOuldn’t  =v=n GO Fast With SOm=On= WhO N=v=r B==n On On= B=fOr=. I’d B=…MOr=  Of A JOy Rid= If That Mak=s Any S=ns=.” 

You go back down for another sip but realize you had drunk all of what was in the cup. You can’t help but laugh at yourself and sit the cup right back down in front of you. You would as for more but you think it’s alright for now and don’t want to drink everything and not leave her some. Just wait till she pours herself another and ask for her to pour you some, that sounds like a good plan. 

” But Anyway Sw-“ 

You catch yourself in mid sentence and take notice of her small shaking. Could have done something wrong? Did you offend her? Maybe shes just cold or something? It was best to keep things on the safe side, after today’s talk with your friend you want to make sure there are no problems what so ever. It bothers you that you don’t know whats going on and just refrain from saying anything that could offend. You clench up your hands and sit them on your lap trying to seem a bit more ” formal” even though there really was no need. 

” Y=ah C=cill, I Ain’t TOO =xcitin’, W=ll L=ast In My OpiniOn. Ah…What Can I Talk AbOut”

You look around the room for answers and come back with something of interest. 

” W=ll I WOrk At A HOspital Up In TOwn, W=ll NOt WOrk MOr= Lik= VOlunt==r  Sinc= I DOn’t Ask Ta B= Paid. I Lik= Ta Just H=lp Out A TrOll Ya KnOw, Sp=cially Th= Wriggl=rs. Th=y GOt A LOta Spirit In =m.” 

You look up and go into a bit of deep thought as you continue on.

” I UnnO, I Just Lik= Ta S== SOm=On= In N==d An NOt DO Anythin’ BOut It. NOt TOO Many W=r= H=r= F=r M= SO I Wanna B= Th=r= F=r Th=m.”

You voice goes soft and calm as you speak out the last part. You don’t want to start rambling on about your morals, you just talk about that all day if you really had the time too. You bring your head back down and smile kindly to her. 

” Anythin’ YOu Wanna Ask M=? I DOn’t KnOw What I ShOuld An ShOuldn’t Talk AbOut, Last Thing I Wanna DO Is Rambl=.” 

You listen, you listen carefully. He sounds such a good spirited troll. There are really not many like him. He just seems so nice, and kind..He even cares for others. And he’s fond of taking care of even the small little wrigglers…But as you notice his tone change, you feel a sort of pain within you. That’s terrible sad…Not many were there for him, yet he still finds enough kindness and compassion to want to be there for others.  And soon enough, you feel your shell of yourself open up to him..If only just a little, just a bit. To let his kindness in, if only for a moment. 

When you locks eyes with him, you snap out of what thought you’re in.  He’s a good hearted person, and his intentions are pure. Well pure in your eyes at least.  You sort of just sit there and look at him for a bit, forgetting he even asked you a question to begin with.  Your eyes widen a bit as you catch yourself, feeling your face heat up as you look down.

Please forgive me for syaring… 

You hang your head down for a bit, to embarrassed to look right at him again.  But you find the courage, and look politely back at him. 

Um..actually yes.. yhere’s someyhing I would like yo ask you.

You stand up as you adjust your dress a bit, walking over to your kitchen where the kettle is placed. Picking it up gently as you walk it back over to the other, smiling as you stand beside his cup.  It would be rude for you to leave a guest’s cup empty.

Would you like more Yea?

You giggle pleasantly as you pour him another cup. You find yourself bow a bit as your place the kettle back in the kitchen as you return to your own seat.

"If you need anyyhing jusy ask! Afyer all you are my guesy iy is my job yo serve you and make sure you’re enjoying yourself!

With a warm smile you look over at the other and ask.

How is someone as kind hearyed as you, noy yaken by some oyher yroll by now? OH waiy! I-I didn’y mean yo ask y-yhay! I..Oh..I’m..I’m So sorry..Iy’s none of my business…I..Oh please forgive me.

You cover your face in your own hands as you turn away, you messed up so bad. You don’t ask someone something like that..What are you doing, you’re a horrible host, and you’re a horrible person for asking such a question..You’re such a failure…

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Take a ride to a tea party.


You smile lightly as you see her walk in with the tea. She seemed so happy to be serving you like this that you can’t help but let the happiness spread to you. You reach out for the handle of the cup and get ready to take a sip but stop just before it reaches your lips and put it back down. 

” Huh? Flyin’ Mach- OH! Ya Must B= Talkin BOut My ChOpp=r. Naw Sw==tn=ss It Ain’t A Flyin Machin= It’s A Kinda MOt=rcycl=. ThOugh I Gu=ss A Flyin Machin= WOuld SOund Much COOler Ta Fly In, But If Ya Want I’ll Tak= Ya FOr A Rid= Anytim= On It.”

You bring the cup back to your lips but this time you take note of her warning and blow lightly into the cup and finally take a sip. You’re a bit shocked at how good it tasted. You aren’t really a tea person but you can make an exception for her. 

” Might I Say Ya Mak= A Pr=tty GOOd Cup O’ T=a Sw==tn=ss? I Ain’t Much Of A T=a P=rsOn But I’ll Drink What YOu Mak= Anytim=.” 

I-Iy’s noy a flying machine, iy’s a moyor bicycle? Y-Youd yake me? for a ride, on such a conyrapyion? O-Oh! Oh my…

Your face flushed to the mere thought, you could never ride such a thing. It would be scary..for the most part. What if you fell off the motor bicycle? You would easily damage, crack and shatter into a million fragments of what was once yourself. Soon enough your expression seems to dampen a bit, as your stare into your cup of tea. But once you hear the other speak again, you find yourself smiling foolishly. In fact it’s a bit hard to stop yourself, his comment just made you feel. Really happy.

In fact you cover your mouth as you giggle slightly. Finding it hard to stop, you’re even laughing a bit as you bring your cup to your lips. Having to place the cup down do to your inability to drink it this moment. You just feel, oddly happy. But you always know these feeling never can last long..What did he call you? ‘Sweetness’? was he talking about you..or the tea..No..he was most certainly speaking about you..With a tea cup in your hand, you feel yourself starting to shake a bit.

You can’t handle nicknames…For one reason in particular..Because a well known friend once called you nicknames as well..From that point you just simply can’t handle them, but your try to ignore it hopefully he won’t need to use sucha nickname again..Hopefully.

You try to clear your mind, soon enough your tucking a strand of hair behind your ear as you look over at him.

Please yell me abouy yourself Ori..You sound..exciying! H-Hehe.”

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dreadablescientist asked : I’m not trying to flatter just merely being honest. You are very <ertainly a lovely troll I just feel awful if I ma|>e you feel ba|> in the least an|> if there is any way to make it up to you please |>o tell me. No, no it’s quite fine not ungrateful in the least. Goo|> one as won|>erful as yourself shoul|> not be so |>oubtful.

HI: Well yhen Sir Linder, I yhank you very much.

HI: B-Buy you don’y have yo make anyyhing up yo me. Buy if you like I would like iy if you joined me for yea someyime. I guess yhay could be a way yo make iy up yo me..B-Buy I do feel quiye bad if you do decide yo join me someyime..A-And insyead of feeling like a welcome guesy, you feel like you’re forced yo come..oh no..I wouldn’y like yhay ay all! 

HI: O-Oh I do apologize, iy’s a bad habiy of mine..A-And why, yhank you Sir.

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Take a ride to a tea party.



You had no problem cleaning up the mess at all, was the least you can do to show some appreciation for her kindness even if it seemed a bit pointless. After all, everyone needs a  helping hand now and then but this time wasn’t one of them. She catches you a little off guard when she takes the pieces from your hand. You open your mouth to say something but close it again knowing it might come off as rude and possibly upset her, never upset a lady in her own hive. You took a bit of notice to her arms and realize that something was indeed ” different” with her. You keep the thoughts to yourself and dusk your hands to get ready to stand but it seems you have been beaten to it. 

Your face flushes lightly as she grabs your hand and drags you along. You didn’t hold it back though, she seemed so ….fragile….you aren’t very sure why you have this feeling but it makes you think that you shouldn’t do much to her physically. Once she lets you go you grab the chair and take a seat. You feel a little embarrassed and scratch the back of your head looking up as she walks away to bring the tea. 

” Ah, Just 1 Lump Will DO M= GOOd. I Ain’t TOO Much Of A Sw==t P=rsOn.”

You put your hand down.

” And Just What WOuld Ya Lik= Ta Talk AbOut. I’m A Pr=tty Op=n BOOk BOut Mys=lf.”

You don’t mind sharing anything about your life, past or present but you do enjoy hearing someone else’s stories other then yours.  

One lump, One lump, One lump. You kept that circling in your head as you reach for your sugar. You always do enjoy putting sugar cubes into tea. But you honestly don’t know why. As you drop one lump into the other’s cup, you drop about five lumps into your own. You smiles as you carefully pick up both cups, walking them over as you place on cup in front of your guest. Smiling softly as you have a seat.

You look right into your own cup, and feel your cheeks heat up with embarrassment. You look the other in the eyes and ask.

U-Um, w-whay’s iy like flying around in yhose large flying machines?

You probably sound foolish for asking but, you’ve never seen one, nor every flew in one. You couldn’t help but ask, it’s bugging you slightly. Soon enough your start fiddling with your dress, you keep your eyes trained on you cup. Staying silent for the most part. Before you look back at him and say.

O-Oh! Please do waych yourself, yhe yea is rayher hoy. hehe.

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Take a ride to a tea party.


You waited for the door to open but in the mean time you made some final adjustments to yourself. The last thing you want to do is make yourself look like someone who didn’t care about how they looked around others. You comb your bangs back your with fingers and stop when you hear a few bumps. You aren’t sure what it is but you just hope that it was something harmless. As you turned your head around the door opens and catches you a bit off guard. You swirl your head back and look down at the other troll. She seemed so….different? Maybe that’s not the best word to describe someone but something was interesting about her. You gave her a sweet smile and stepped on in closing the door gently behind you. 

You give the pace a nice little look around and notice how clean it was. It gives you a good vibe and a feel of ” home” that makes you comfortable on the spot. With out asking you begin to walk around. 

” Ya Sur= GOt Y=rs=lf A Nic= Plac= H=r= Missy. LOOks B=tt=r Th=n My Hiv= F=r Sur=.” 

You keep walking around and stop when you head a small crunch under your shoe. You look down and see the small pieces of glass everywhere. Guess this was the noise and the ” mess” she was talking about. Almost instantly you crouch down and start to pick up the pieces in your hand. 

” DOn’t Want Any TrOll G=ttin Hurt NOw DO W=?” 

You gasp rather loudly as you cover your mouth quickly.  Your face flushing brightly with embarrassment.

O-OH my p-please allow me yo do such a yask, someone of your syayure shouldn’y have yo do such a yhing. You ceryainly should never have yo clean up a mess I made..P-PLEASE! You are my guesy i’ll clean iy up..

You bit your lips slightly as you kneel down in front of him.  Grabbing his hands to stop him, just so you can gather the pieces. Gently taking them from him, and grasping them in your own hand. Once you gather all the pieces you smile softly as you look up. Glancing at him for a moment, before looking to the side.  Feeling your face cool down a bit.  You stand up and dispose of the broken pieces properly. Before you walk over to the other, taking him by the hand and helping him to his feet.

Smiling you drag him off with you, leading him to a table you have set up for this occasion. Leading the other to his seat, noticing you still are holding him hand. You quickly let go, giggling softly.

Please, h-have a seay Ori, I’ll bring us some yea, yhen we can chay and share pleasanyries yes?

You merely excuse yourself as you go to retrieve the kettle of hot water. You look around for two new cups you can use, finding some that will do just fine. You hum softly to yourself as you pour and even amount of water into both cup, placing a tea bag in both. Oh right! Looking back over at the other, you laugh a bit. 

U-Um..If you don’y mind me asking, h-how do you like your yea? one lump or..ywo?

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EB: ~no but i’d *love* to try some day~

EB: ~they sound *fun*~

EB: ~hee hee thank you *dear* but it’s not *that* amazing~

EB: ~gets so *tiring* after awhile, always *moving* and *scrounging* for supplies~

EB: ~i think a tea party sounds *much* more exiting~

EB: S:>

HI: Oh my you’re so Nice! hehe.

HI: I would love yo have you over for yea someday..

HI: B-Buy syill your life does sound v-very amazing! I-I mean you gey yo yravel. 

HI: I would love yo yravel..Buy hehe, now yhay I yhink abouy iy. Our lives are a biy yo differeny yo compare yo each oyher.

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